Fireweed/Wildflower Raw Honey

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Brookfield Farm is pleased to bring you Fireweed/Wildflower Honey from

Envirobee, Gig Harbor, Washington

The bees from Jerry Hominda’s hives on the southern slopes of Mt. Rainier, blend the delightfully light taste of Fireweed Honey with a hint of other wildflowers.  The result is a to a delicate complex flavor that reflects the refreshing mountain air of the Northern Cascades.

Photo of Mt. Rainier, Washignton, In Spring by Rbphoenix

Mt. Rainier, Washington, In Spring by Rbphoenix (wikipedia commons)










Fireweed is a striking plant whose magenta petals sway on stalks that can rise from four to eight feet in hight.


Fireweed In Bloom by By Rosendahl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons












In Washington’s Pacific Northwest fireweed can be found in a wide range of areas from low land streams to high mountain passes, but always in open areas.  It draws its common name from its ability to colonize open acreas of land, especially after a fire (or logging operation).

Jerry’s Fireweed/Wildflower raw honey comes from a 300,000 acre area that is primarily fireweed.  His bees share that area with feral honeybee colonies and native pollinators.

Jerry Hominda & His Hives on Mt. Rainier

Jerry and his Hives on Mt. Rainier












Jerry’s hives can be found in diverse west Washington locations, but his apiary, Envirobee, is based in Gig Harbor, on Puget Sound.   All of his bees thrive in naturally treated, antibiotic-free hives.

These days Jerry runs about 150 hives, but in his more than 30 years of beekeeping he’s done time working the pollination circuit with his mentor who ran 2000 hives.  They would travel to the California almonds and into the hard fruit crops of Eastern Washington.

Jerry enjoys the slightly slower pace.  It allows him to mentor new beekeepers, and teach classes in the springtime in Washington.  Winter often seems him in Central and South America where he helps train beekeepers.

He credits his own start to being mentored.  “We had a big farm, and there was a local, there was a local beekeeper who put bees on farm…I was doing everything else on farm, the beekeeper left and I bought bees.  For three years me and the bees suffered.  You can’t learn bees on your own.”  In the end Jerry met his mentor, learned better skills, then started working with him.

Jerry’s quick to point out that a beekeeper never stops learning. “I read a lot, and you just have to pay attention to your bees.”

His years of paying attention pay off.  “I keep [the bees] really healthy.  It’s managing them right.  I don’t think the beekeeping’s challenging… Every bit of it’s enjoyable.  It gets me and my dogs out. My bees are really friendly I get stung a couple of times a year. I love working bees”

Jerry’s delightful Fireweed/Wildflower Raw Honey can be purchased through Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey (Call or Email us) and at our booth at Seattle’s  Ballard Farmers Market.


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2 Responses to Fireweed/Wildflower Raw Honey

  1. Mary Kelly says:

    I would like to purchase several jars of NW Raw honey – it is beginning of my allergy season. I think one that has berry and one type with wild flowers. 2 jars of each type.

    Thank you, Mary

    • Bean says:

      Hi Mary, I don’t know if I responded to you yet (internet, not my thing, really). But I’m not doing any special orders at this time: I’m post op on hip replacement. Let me direct you down to the wonderful Jeff at, the “honey guy of the OR coast” – he’s got a great selection of honeys from all over the northwest (including some of mine, and my infusions, and my vinegars) and he is soooo set up for shipping it’s a breeze – plus he’s a great guy. Tell him where you live so he can help pin-point the right honey for you.

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