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Brookfield Farm is rather old-fashioned.
No Click and Buy – But we do have email and a phone.

We offer Free Home Delivery to Bellingham, Everson and locations along the Mt. Baker Highway.

E-mail us:

  1. Tell us what you would like.
  2. We will email you back with the price.
  3. If the price sounds good:
    • We’ll send you the product
    • You send us a check.

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 Phone us: 360-599-1469

  1. Tell us what you would like.We will phone or email you back with the price.
    •  Do leave a message.  We will call you back.
  2. If the price sounds good:
    • We’ll send you the product
    • You send us a check.

We did have a Google checkout store, but it became increasingly difficult to make it work properly. So we have returned to the “old fashioned” way:
personal contact with our customers.

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Raw Raw Honey In Glass Jars from Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey, Maple Falls, WashingtonCheck out our products:
Raw Honey
Raw Honey Infusions
Raw Honey Infused Vinegars
Bees Wax Salves and Lip Balms

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Brookfield Farm Raw Honey & Washington Specialty Raw Honeys

Raw Honey Infusions : Flavored with Flowers & Spices

Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegars

Beeswax/Herbal Salves & Lip Balms :
Wax from our Naturally Treated hives with No Antibiotics

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6 Responses to Buy Via Email/Phone

  1. Jean Sheldon says:

    I am interested in alfafa honey. I live in Georgia and it is not available here. We did find it at Whole Foods in Marietta but then they stopped selling it. Can you please help me out. I love the taste of this honey.

    • bean says:

      Hi Jean – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It’s been crazy in the bee yards. The folks I know with hives in Alfalfa are finding that their bees are over-flying the fields. This produces Alfalfa-Wildflower – delicious, but a different taste from alfalfa. We have a little bit of straight alfalfa honey – but we’re running out.

  2. toni says:

    I am interested in wild flower honey in a couple quarts of a gallon. Can you mail it to me in Oklahoma?
    thank you

  3. Linda Glass says:

    Been looking all over for some good raw buckwheat honey. A few years ago I found some locally at a farmers market (on the central coast in California), and my daughter loved it. We haven’t found any around here since. I was interested in ordering a pint of yours to try if that’s posibble. Thank you.

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