Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegars

Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegars
from Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey:

One style of Brookfield Farm's Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegar: Organic Apple Cider and Raw Honey

Raw Honey From Naturally Treated Hives

Organic Vinegars : sulfate-free
sediments may form at base
mother-of-vinegar may form

Raw Honey
Organic Vinegar (apple cider or brown rice)
Pollen (floats to the top)
Propolis (floats to the top)
Bees wax (floats to the top)

Made using a cold-infusion process
The honey is never heated.

Available Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegars :

  • Organic Apple Cider
  • Organic Brown Rice


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Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegar Prices:

Shipping and handling charges will be added to the prices below. We charge the shipping rate plus a small handling fee (more information below)

8 fluid ounce glass bottle with gold lid : $12.00

Wholesale prices are available, please contact us with “Wholesale” in the subject header.

Shipping Options:

We normally ship US Postal Service: price of shipping plus a small handling fee.

We can ship UPS or FedEx, but the shipping & handling price is higher because we have to drive an hour each way to ship with them.

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