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Honeybee Food Foraging : Where? Why? How Far?

I get asked a lot at market: how do you know that the bees actually went to “that” honey. “That” honey may be Buckwheat, Alfalfa/Wildflower, Fireweed/Wildflower, or Wildflowers of particular regions in Washington State.  Really it is all about flight … Continue reading

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How Honeybees Smell

Scent means a lot to bees.   They use their sense of smell to check queen quality, sort out friend from foe, locate their hive or new hive after swarming, and find forage. Their sense is so acute that they can … Continue reading

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Naturally Treated Hives at Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey, Part 1

The other night I was invited to give a talk on how I maintain my Naturally Treated, Antibiotic-Free hives at the Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association.  Seems like a good moment to write that up for a few reasons. 1) Customers … Continue reading

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Do Honeybees Sleep?

How, when, and where honeybees sleep. Research studies sited and linked. How researchers define honey bee sleep. Continue reading

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