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Why I Keep Bees And Sell Honey (there are easier ways to make a living)

There’s a song in the musical Man of LaMancha that goes “Why does he do the things he does? Why does he do these things?”  Sometimes I sing this to myself as I move from hive to hive, but somehow … Continue reading

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Wiring Beehive Frames

A lot of beekeeping at Brookfield Farm is fun.  However, I would not put making frames, wiring them, and hanging wax into that category.  It falls under “must be done” and “oh, I can listen to these podcasts I collected.” … Continue reading

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Installing Russian Queens

Every year I have purchased ten queens for new up-river hives.  This year I was able to buy the girls from Cold Country Queens in New York State.  I particularly wanted queens from this source because they raise Russian Queens … Continue reading

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