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The Eyes Have It : Honeybee Eyes

Honeybees have facinating eyes : all five of them.  Two compound eyes on either side of their head, and 3 “extra” eyes on top.  That’s a bit antropromorphic, we humans think of two eyes as being “normal”, but for most … Continue reading

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Why Jaws of Worker Honeybees Differ From Queen Bees

First off, the “jaws” of honeybees are really called mandibles.  “Mandibles” is a lot to get in a header, and they do act as jaws.  The mandibles open side to side rather than up and down like our jaws.  The … Continue reading

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Recipes for Infused Raw Honeys

I am very happy to say that our lavender raw infused honey and raw honey infused organic apple cider vinegars are in a wonderful new market : 21 Acres , in Bothell, Washington. 21 Acres is the kind of place … Continue reading

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