A Visit with Stan Kolesnikov: K Brothers Pollination & Honey

When you visit our Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey market booth you will find honey from our chemical-free, antibiotic-free hives, our infused honeys, and honey infused vinegars, and we also broker honey from independent Washington state beekeepers.   This year we have honeys from a new beekeeper:

K Brothers Pollination & Honey: Stan Kolesnikov a few of his bee boxes

Stan Kolesnikov and a few bee boxes

Stan Kolesnikov, of K Brothers Pollination and Honey.   His bees are in Southern Washington state: the West Richland/Pasco area.  This year Stan has provided us an amazing Alfalfa-Wildflower Honey, Yellow Star Thistle Honey and Buckwheat Honey.

He manages his bees without any hard chemicals.  Instead he uses an oil-based essential oil patty to help the bees keep their immune systems up to speed and battle varroa mites.  He’s got a great success rate, and admits that he “enjoys the challenges of keeping the bees healthy and alive.”

K Brothers is truly a family affair.  Stan works the bees with his bother and brother-in-law while his sister does the books.  Beekeeping runs in this family.  His father and uncle were beekeepers in Uzbekistan.  When Stan was in his 20’s he started keeping bees here in the U.S. while working with Lynn Haitt, of Haitt and Son’s Honey Company.

Lynn decided to retire this year – his aim is to finally get that fishing license and head out to the rivers and lakes.  Stan and his brothers were perfect to take over Lynn’s operation.  They had the will, the experience, the drive, the youth (always helpful), and the dedication to care for the bees while producing quality honey.

We’re really happy that we can carry K Brother’s honey.  If you’re ever in Seattle, stop by the Fremont Sunday Market LINK and sample their honeys.

You can read about all the wonderful beekeepers whose honey we carry on our Raw Honey page on  our website: Walking-Wild.com  (odd name, I know, it’s a template website). Then click on the names.

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