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K Brothers Pollination & Honey : West Richland

WaldenEffect.org photo (by Anna) of honeybee on buckwheat flower

Bee on Buckwheat by Anna at WaldenEffect.org

The K Brothers’ Buckwheat Honey is the darkest honeys we carry. Its strong, unique taste adds a new dimension to the culinary experience, when eaten raw or used in cooking. However, that’s only one reason for its popularity.

Buckwheat Honey is higher in antioxidant content lighter honeys (“Buckwheat honey increases serum antioxidant capacity in humans” Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2003 Feb 26;51(5):1500-5)




K Brother’s hive are all naturally treated. No antibiotics are used in their hives.  (prices & availability here)


K Brothers Pollination and Honey is a family company, lead by Stan Kolesnikov (thus K Brothers).

Beekeeper Stan Kolesnikov stands before a few of his honey supers

Stan Kolesnikov Beekeeper

A few years back, Stan began to add some non-family employees, but the core of his business remains family.

Stan and his siblings are second-generation beekeepers: their father and uncle both kept honeybees in Uzbekistan. When Stan was in his 20’s he started keeping bees here in the U.S. while working with Lynn Haitt, of Haitt and Son’s Honey Company.

K Brothers manage their bees without any hard chemicals. Instead he uses an oil-based essential oil patty to help the bees keep their immune systems up to speed and battle varroa mites. Stan’s got a great success rate, and admits that he “enjoys the challenges of keeping the bees healthy and alive.

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