Product Prices And Availability

All our Raw Honeys are from:
Naturally Treated, Antibiotic-Free Hives
All contain pollen, propolis, and bits of beeswax

There is no Click-And-Shop. Email us.
Shipping Costs are in addition to honey prices.

Raw Honey Prices and Availability:

Western Washington Raw Honeys:

  •  9 oz glass jar : $18.00

  •  1 pound glass jar : $20.00

  •  46 oz net weight jar: $38  (Blackberry-Wildflower only)

Raw Mt. Wildflower Honey ( Mt Baker Foothills)

Raw Stillaguamish River Wildflower Honey

Raw Independence Valley Wildflower Honey

Eastern Washington Raw Honeys

These are sold in 2 price groups

Pricing Group One:
1 pound glass jar : $20.00
46 oz net weight pound glass jar : $38.00

Raw Highlands Honey (Okanagan Highlands)

Raw Buckwheat

Raw Chamisa Honey (maybe – check in the fall)

Pricing Group Two:
1 pound glass jar : $18.00
46 oz net weight pound glass jar : $36.00

Raw Alfalfa / Wildflower Honey

Raw Chamisa / Mixed Flower Honey

Raw Blue Mountains Wildflower Honey (east WA)

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