Product Prices And Availability

Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey Sells:

Raw Honey from our hives and hives of other independent Washington Beekeepers
Beeswax Salves : Joint & Muscle, and First Aid

All our Raw Honeys are from Naturally Treated, Antibiotic-Free Hives
All contain pollen, propolis, and bits of beeswax

We are a bit old-fashioned.  There is no Click-And-Shop.  Call us 360-599-1469 or contact us here.

If wholesale quiry, please put “wholesale” in subject line.

Raw Honey Prices and Availability:

The Cost Of Shipping Would Be Added To The Below Prices
(see shipping at bottom of page)

Western Washington Raw Honeys:

  •   Raw Mountain Wildflower (Brookfield Farm)

  •   Raw Farm & Field : Very Berry (Brookfield Farm)

  •   Raw Stillaguamish River Wildflower

    •  9 oz glass jar : $12.00

    • 1 pound (pint glass jar) : $15.00

  •  Raw Blackberry / Wildflower Honey

    • 1 pound (pint glass jar) : $15.00

    • 3 pounds (quart glass jar) : $35.00

Eastern Washington Raw Honeys

  •  Raw Buckwheat Honey

  •  Raw Fireweed / Snowberry Honey

    • 1 pound (pint glass jar) : $15.00

    • 46oz net weight  (quart glass jar) : $30.00

  •  Raw Alfalfa / Wildflower Honey

  •  Raw Blue Mountains Wildflower Honey

  •  Raw Chamisa Honey

    • 1 pound (pint glass jar) : $12.00

    • 46 oz net weight (quart glass jar) : $25.00

Wholesale prices are available for the above three honeys; please contact us with “Wholesale” in subject

 Beeswax Salves & Lip Balms:

Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey's Beeswax Joint And Muscle Salve

  • Joint and Muscle Salve
  • First Aid Salve

2.5 ounces, glass jar : $15.00

Shipping Options:

Shipping will be added to the above prices.
We normally ship via FedEx:
Price of shipping is FedEx charges plus $2.00 that FedEx charges for their box (they like their box).

If you need an alternate shipping method, please let us know.
Shipping costs depend on the weight of order and the destination

Wholesale Prices are available, please contact us, with “wholesale” in the subject line


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14 Responses to Product Prices And Availability

  1. William Bender says:

    Need Carniolan Queens.
    Have a phone contact?

    • bean says:

      Hi William, I dropped the ball on your question – 6 weeks, hummm honey harvest and prepping bees for winter took me away from the web. Hope you found some Carniolans. Easiest place to find them is Strachen :

  2. Denise says:

    I was wondering if you sold pollen.

  3. Mary Jensen says:

    Can you tell me if your Lavender Infused Honey is sold at the Community Co-op in Bellingham.
    Thank you

    • Bean says:

      Yes indeed, you can find our Lavender infused RAw Honey (and our other raw honey infusions, raw honey infused organic vinegars, and a selection of three of our east-of-the-cascades raw honeys (from our friend Stan’s apiary) at the Community Co-ops in Bellingham (downtown and cordata). Thank you for asking.

  4. Justin says:

    I was trying to make an order to purchase some honey, but I’ve been all over your site, including “the honey store”, and I can’t find any links to make a purchase or “add to cart”. I used to live on Lummi Island and would love some honey from the area. Thanks.

    • Bean says:

      Sorry for the delay Justin – I’ve been in hospital. Due to that, I’m not shipping honey right now. Check the local farmers markets, but be aware, last winter took a huge tole in bees in our area, so honey prices may be going up…good luck.

  5. Antoinette says:

    Hi … I was just wondering do you sale honeycombs as well.

    • Bean says:

      No I don’t. But there are 2 vendors at the Ballard Farmers Market in Seattle who do…But not at this time of year. For me, removing newly formed comb is “too expensive” for the bees. We have such a short season here that it takes a good while for the bees to build comb. It takes approximately 8 times as much nectar to build one pound of comb as it does to create 1 pound of honey. But when summer comes, do check out the other 2 vendors at Seattle’s Ballard Farmers Market (comb honey is a summer thing).

  6. Annie O. says:

    Hello, just wondering if you will have any Raw Buckwheat Honey for sale at Ballard’s Farmers Market any time soon?

    • Bean says:

      Hi Annie – These days there is always Raw Buckwheat Honey on my table at the Ballard Farmers Market. Stocks tend to get low in late summer, because the honey is harvested in the fall. Come on down….

  7. Kim McKinney says:

    How do I buy your honey? Also, I have been having severe allergies and have read that local honey can help control seasonal allergies, have you seen success with this?

    Thank you,
    Kim McKinney

    • Bean says:

      I sell honey at Seattle’s Ballard Farmers Market every Sunday 10-3. A great market, but I suggest that on a nice day, come early; parking, I hear, can be challenging. As to allergies: I’m not a doctor nor have I ever studied medicine, but I do sell a lot of local honey to people with allergies and those who return, tell me it works great. It’s actually the pollen and propolis that are conceptually helping the allergies. The allergy must be to something a bee would visit and collect from (not dust, grass, or fluffy the cat). My apologies for a late reply. I now have a new computer and can access my website.

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