Recipes for Infused Raw Honeys

I am very happy to say that our lavender raw infused honey and raw honey infused organic apple cider vinegars are in a wonderful new market : 21 Acres , in Bothell, Washington.

21 Acres is the kind of place that so many of us would love to organize, but few follow though.  These folks followed their hearts and dreams to create a place where people can “learn how to grow food, eat and live sustainably”, as their team explains.  Classes there range from cooking, to raising chickens, to marketing value added products.

And now they have some of our products in their store.  And, although both products can be eaten or drunk right of the container, a question may arise: what interesting things can one do with infused Raw Honeys and Raw Honey infused Vinegars?  So, I thought I’d put down a few recipes and cooking tips.  Now before anyone who has known me for long starts rolling on the floor laughing “Bean? Recipes? I do actually cook, but I like to keep it simple.

Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey's Lavender Infused Raw Honey

Lavender Infused Raw Honey

Raw Infused Honey Recipes:

Stir Fries and Hot Pots with Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegar
(2 servings)

Hot Pot made with Brookfield Farm Honey Infused Organic Vinegar

Not pretty, but good

This is my main stay: easy, fast, and tastes delicious.
It’s basic, you can add or subtract anything at will.
Hot Pots, to me, are pretty much stir fry with water.

3 Tablespoons of olive or grape seed oil (or a “glug” if you cook as I do)
1 onion
2 helpings of seasonal yellow vegetables (ie 2 carrots, or a yellow squash..
2 helpings of seasonal green (ie 2 kale leaves or one zucchini…)
3 cloves garlic
¼ slice of ginger root peeled
1 teaspoon cumin seed
1 teaspoon coriander seed
1 teaspoon what is that other cardamom
1 teaspoon black pepper (seeds if you want, ground if it’s around)
1 ½ teaspoon turmeric
4 Tablespoons of Raw Honey infused Apple Cider or Brown Rice Vinegar (this is pretty much to taste)
4 Cups of water (If it’s a hot pot)

(You can substitute other herbs to your liking.  The above are some of my favorites, but it all works with oregano, rosemary, tarragon, basil, or any other herb(s) you fancy.)

1) Cut the onion into small bits, slice up the carrots and kale leaves. Chop the center stem; it’s good too.
2) If you are using herb seeds put them in the bottom of your pan without  oil.  Put the flame on high.
3) The moment the seeds start to pop, turn the flame down to medium, add the oil, about one minute later add the onion and stir until they start to brown.
4) Add the chopped vegetables, ginger, and garlic, holding back a bit of garlic. Stir them up.  Let cook about 5 minutes.
5) For a Hot Pot: Add the water, now.  Bring to a boil, and then turn down to a simmer.  Add the rest of the spices.  Simmer until the vegetables are done to your liking (me?  I like slightly crunchy)

5) For Stir Fry (that’s why two #5′s) : Add the rest of the spices.  Push around in the pot until the vegetables are done to your liking.
6) Add the Raw Honey Infused Vinegar – stir for about a minute.
7) Pour in a bowl, sprinkle with the bit of raw garlic you set aside and serve.

Yummy, fast, and actually good for you.

Vanilla Infused Honey and Nut Glazed Brie
(about 16 servings)

¼ cup vanilla infused honey
1 Tablespoon brandy (optional)
¼ cup coarse chopped nuts (walnuts are my favorites)
¼ lb (5” diameter) Brie
Combine honey, nuts and brandy set aside.  Put cheese on a 9-inch pie plate.

1)Bake cheese in 500° oven for 4-5 minutes (until softens).
2)Drizzle the honey, nut, and brandy mix over the cheese.
3)Bake 2-3 minutes, or until topping is heated.  Do not melt the cheese.

OK, maybe not so good for you..but yummy.

Spicy Sweet and Sour Broiled Fish
(for 4 to 8 people, depending on how much you want to eat)

½ cup water
½ cup ginger infused honey
¼ cup raw honey infused rice vinegar
¼ cup white wine (or you can just add ¼ cup more honey infused rice vinegar)
1 clove minced garlic
½ teaspoon grated lemon peel
1 Tablespoon chopped cilantro, tarragon, or thyme
2 lbs fish fillets (snapper or cod work well)

1) tir over medium heat until mixture boils and thickens.
2) Simmer 2 minutes.  Add cilantro mix well.  Remove sauce from heat and keep warm.
3) Place fish on lightly oiled baking sheet.  Broil 10 minutes per inch of thickness or until fish turns opaque and flakes easily.
4)Spoon sauce over fish.

Sweet & Tangy Drink (easiest recipe there is)
1 oz Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegar :Brown Rice Or Apple Cider
8 oz Water : Hot or Cold
Mix and sip.

There’s a few ideas.  But the wonderful thing about our Raw Honey Infusions and Raw Honey Infused Organic Vinegars is that they go well with so many things.  You can add them to a long-loved recipe; dream up new culinary concoctions, or just eat/drink them from the jars.

That’s the news from Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey in Maple Falls Washington.  Do you have any special recipes that involve honey?  Do share cooking with honey is the one thing that will get me into the kitchen.

About Bean

I am the beekeeper at Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey, near Maple Falls, Washington. My bees fly from naturally treated, antibiotic-free hives in the foothills of Mt. Baker (the second most glaciated volcano in Washington). I sell the raw honey my bees make, as well as honey produced by Washington beekeepers who are friends - the emphasis is on raw honey from naturally treated, antibiotic-free hives. I also make and sell Beeswax Salves. You can find me at the Ballard Farmers' Market in Seattle on Sundays from 10-3. When not with the bees, you'll most likely meet me up some mountain trail, pinhole camera and digital camera slung over my shoulders, and my pack goats trailing behind me.
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