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Beekeeper Karen E. Bean of Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey and Grafted Queen Cells

Beekeeper Bean with Queen Cells

Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey  (PacificNorthwestHoney.com) focuses on the beauty and bounties of Washington’s wilderness: raw honey and beeswax products from our Naturally Treated, Antibiotic-Free hives.  We produce and create all of our products. I (Karen E. Bean) am the beekeeper.

Brookfield Farm is an off-grid farm which lies beneath cedars, alders, and big leaf maples on ridges cut by flowing creeks in the Mount Baker foothills, near Maple Falls, Washington. The land is shared with a myriad of wildlife from deer and bald eagles to bears and cougars.

Livestock Guard Dog in winter forest at Brookfield Farm Bees and Honey, Maple Falls, WA

One of our Livestock Guard Dogs

This is possible due to the able assistance of our livestock guard dogs, who create a vocal, but peaceful co-existence with the native animals which live on and roam our lands.

The diversity of the wilderness that surrounds us is reflected in our crafts and products.

Tall Bee Hives at Brookfield Farm, Maple Falls, Washington

Mid-Summer Bee Hives

Our honeybees have been flying for over a decade from naturally-treated, antibiotic-free hives at the farm and from near-by bee yards. I tend to the bees and harvest their raw, unheated, unfiltered honey. I also make salves made from our chemical-free, antibiotic-free wax, when time allows.

When I’m not working with bees or honey, I can be found with a camera in hand walking the back country.

PinholeSunset by Karen Edmundson Bean, Maple Falls, WA

Pinhole Sunset

My award-winning wilderness DVDs focused on Washington state wilderness trails, with special attention to the Pacific Crest Trail.   My wilderness pinhole photography images are shot during her sojourns into Washington’s backcountry.

If you find a woman perched on the side of a mountain, pinhole camera in hand, while two or three pack goats waiting near-by, that probably is me.

Goats by Hives at Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey, Maple Falls, Washington

One Pack Goat, Two Buddies

Snow covers hives and cedars at Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey

Quiet Season At The Farm

Brookfield Farm started out as a dream: my now deceased husband and I wanted a place in the wilderness and happily found the land which is now Brookfield Farm. We focused on natural fiber in our early years at the farm: Shetland & Jacob sheep and Cashmere goats. Then I  became tired of shearing, and fell in love with bees around the same time. Beekeeping’s wonderful. It’s science, nature, art, and just plain luck, all rolled into one.

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