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Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey Booth

Ballard Farmer’s Market has reopened
Still Year-Round
Hours Have Changed:

Sunday 10-2,
Walk Up All Day
Drive-Through 9-10 Only
PreOrders allowed in starting at 9am

PreOrder Honey For Pick Up At Ballard

Preorders are Appreciated

To Preorder:

Click “Honey” on the Menu for the honeys we offer

Check out the pricing

Email Brookfield Farm and let us know what you’d like.
There is a 3pm Saturday cut-off on preOrders for the next Sunday.

You can pay by credit card, check, or cash at the market.
Card and check are best, but cash is still good.

We are working on an online payment system, but haven’t gotten there yet.

When you buy from local sources you:
  • Buy products that have gone from the producer to you, not though 100s or 1000s of hands.
  • Shop in an open-air market.
  • Support your local producers.

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Product Prices & Availability

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4 Responses to Brookfield Farm Markets

  1. Catherine Kearns says:

    I would like to order some buckwheat honey for shipment to Ireland can you please email me as I cannot process the order online.

    My email is

  2. Naifang Wang says:

    Hi, I want to buy some honeycomb. Do you guys sell it at the farmers market? Thanks.

    • Bean says:

      No, sorry we don’t. We did, but it kept breaking apart with taking it to and from market. We are contemplating trying again, but for now, no, sorry.

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