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K Brothers Pollination And Honey : West Richland

Brookfield Farm Bees And Honey is pleased to bring you
Chamisa/Wildflower Raw Honey from
K Brothers Pollination and Honey, Pasco, WA


Chamisa is a robust, flavorful, black honey that turns light brown as it crystallizes to a smooth, creamy texture.  To many people, this dark honey carries with it flavors reinvent of chocolate, cinnamon, and clove.  This year the bees expanded their floral source; introducing a lighter floral tone.  Chamisa/Mixed Flower is a deep, earthy honey, softened with a light floral tones. (prices & availability)

This native flower, also known as rabbit brush, can be found in arid areas from British Columbia to northern Mexico.

Rabbit Brush

Chamisa by Stephen Baker, BLM via wikimedia commons

Native Americans have used the plant for centuries to improve concentration.  Some people believe that chamisa honey also holds the same properties.  Regardless of its healing powers, Chamisa raw honey is a delightfully unique taste treat.

K Brothers Pollination and Honey is a family company, lead by Stan Kolesnikov (thus K Brothers).

Beekeeper Stan Kolesnikov stands before a few of his honey supers

Beekeeper Stan Kolesnikov

A few years back, Stan began to add some non-family employees, but the core of his business remains family.

Stan and his siblings are second-generation beekeepers: their father and uncle both kept honeybees in Uzbekistan. When Stan was in his 20’s he started keeping bees here in the U.S. while working with Lynn Haitt, of Haitt and Son’s Honey Company.

K Brothers manage their bees without any hard chemicals. Instead he uses an oil-based essential oil patty to help the bees keep their immune systems up to speed and battle varroa mites. Stan’s got a great success rate, and admits that he “enjoys the challenges of keeping the bees healthy and alive.

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